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Awesome is as awesome does: What does Branding do?


So you claim you got something awesome. It could be a killer product, a sassy service, a game-changing idea… OMG, you did it! Now all your dreams are going to come true. Wait a second, it’s not done yet – it’s just the beginning. All awesome products and solutions must prove their worth in the marketplace to have a go at the game. The market is a crammed, noisy place full of distractions. There are countless choices, and choices within choices. Most likely, someone is already crowned king and sprawled out on the sweet spot that you want to claim. How on earth are you going to get them to move over and give you wiggling room? No luck there. What you need is Branding.

The set of actions that goes into making the world identify a brand is called ‘branding’.

Brand identity – Tell the world who you are

The brand identity is made up of the brand’s visual look and feel, its qualities, benefits, values and finally, the brand personality.
Examples: logo, tagline, brand guidelines, mission statement, company profile, stationery, packaging

Brand communication – Send a clear, consistent message

Every brand has specific messages for specific people. The tone of the message should be in line with the brand identity, while the medium of the message will depend on who and where your audiences are.
Examples: website, brochure, pitch deck, concept note,emails, adverts, social media

Brand positioning – Find your sweet spot

Positioning defines the place that your brand has in your customers’ mind. It starts with identifying the right market segments and target customers - depending on which, you would set up promotional activities where customers can interact with and experience your offerings.
Examples: experiential marketing, events, conferences, digital campaigns, POS collaterals

Brand recall– Be the One

These are the subtle tactics that make sure your customer remembers you. When asked for options within your segment, is your name on top of the mind of customers?Do customers know what makes you better than your competitors?
Examples: strategy, marketing-mix, newsletters, mascots

Did you know that more people recognize McDonald’s golden arches logo than any religious symbol? That is the power of Branding. If you are bent on rocking the market, branding is the way to go. Is your brand faring as well as you wish it would? Remember, awesome is as awesome does!

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